3 day Personalised Yoga and Wellness Retreat in Tenerife

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Join us for a unique short yoga break in Tenerife!
In our retreat you will feel part of this magic place, let your skin warm up from the sunlight, enjoy the mountain view and breathe the pure fresh air from the ocean.
You will have high quality yoga classes that will suit your needs and goals in a perfect natural setting.
Give your body good, fresh, whole and homemade food: you will discover the huge variety of meals, tastes and colors from our organic garden.
Create a positive silence in your mind and experience the sweetness of doing nothing just being yourself.
Let go any stress from the citylife and become who you really are.
A yoga retreat is just what you need ☺

3 day program Personalised Yoga and Wellness Retreat in Tenerife
(Activities can be adapted to suit your needs)



Life Coaching Session“Become who you are”

Homemade Vegetarian/Vegan Dinner



Hatha Flow class

Special Brunch

Sound Massage with Tibetan bowls

Mindfulness Session

Hatha Yoga / Yin Yoga class

Homemade Vegetarian/Vegan Dinner


Hatha Flow class

Special Brunch

Check out

The Value of this retreat:

3 Personalised Hatha Yoga Classes

2 Meditacion/Mindfullness Sessions

Coaching Session

2 Nights Stay in a Private room

Full Vegetarian/Vegan Board

Sound Massage with Tibetan bowls

Unlimited herbal teas

Free wifi

Free shuttle to the nearest beach


Confirm the reservation transferring 20% of the amount.
Full payment will be made on the day of arrival.

Payment Methods

Paypal or by Bank transfer

Cancellation policy

Your deposit may only be refunded if you cancel 30 days or more before the beginning of the retreat.
After this period the deposit will not be refundable.

Are you interested in a programme designed for your needs?

We are open all year round!

¿How can I book?

1 ⇒ Choose your program and period

2 ⇒ Fill the following form

3 ⇒ Wait for our confirmation of availability

4 ⇒ Pay the deposit

What people say about us

Why choose us?

A mixture of Italian culture and warmth, the Pura Vida of Costa Rica and the spice aromas and spirituality of India awaits you in unique and wonderful place in Tenerife!
We’ve travelled a lot and we take with us everything we have learned in each experience of personal growth. From the most experienced yogis in India to the most humble and wise people: the farmers of Latin America and Italy.

Everything to offer you the best of yoga and a healthy and conscious lifestyle.

Silvia has been trained in India as a Hatha Yoga teacher and in Italy has studied nutrition and naturopathy to offer the healthiest and most delicious vegetarian/vegan, gluten-free, organic recepies.
Toti is a musician, has studied Music Therapy and the benefits of Sound Healing and meditation. He will help you to enter the powerful world of sounds and vibrations, and you can have a chance yo experience a sound massages with Tibetan and quartz bowls.

Our goal is to provide practical tools for your overall well-being and make you feel at home.

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ॐ Namaste ॐ

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Don’t miss this opportunity! Join our retreat in Tenerife!

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Our Yoga holiday programs in Tenerife


Frequently Asked Questions

Are these retreats suitable for beginners?

Of course! Our yoga retreats are suitable for any level, including beginners because all classes are designed to your needs. Our goal is to make you progress at your own time and to let you feeling comfortable.

How could I reach you from Tenerife airport?

The easiest way to get around the island is by renting a car. Prices range from 20-25 euros per day.

Otherwise there is the possibility of arriving by guagua (bus) to Guimar or by taxi.

Which language will the classes be?

Classes will normally be in English. However we also speaks Spanish and Italian, so if you would like certain aspects explained in these languages please let us know.

What kind of meals are served?

We prepare and serve very healthy vegetarian and vegan food.
We use local ingredients and most of the vegetables come from our organic garden. Whole and organic cereals. The recipes have been meticulously designed with awareness and balance thanks to our nutrition training and prepared with lots of love.

What should I bring with me to my yoga retreat?

We have yoga mats, but if you prefer to bring yours, you can do it.
Remember to bring comfortable clothes to practice yoga asanas, a sunscreen and a towel if you plan to swim or go to the beach. Here we have Aloe leaves to heal the burns. Insect repellent just in case – we recommend a natural one with citronella base, comfortable hiking shoes if you want to hike the mountains. But above all: a lot of enthusiasm for learning and a positive attitude, as this will help you get the most out of the retreat.

What can I do during my free time?

There are many activities you can do in your free time.
Just walking a few kilometers you can reach the famous Barranco de Badajoz, where you can discover a wonderful place and breathe a pure air that will load your energies. If you rent a car you can also make a route through the beaches and typical villages nearby. We can help you plan it. Likewise many people choose to rest and relax. Reading, sunbathing together on the terrace / veranda, spending time in the garden, listening to music…
We can also drop you on the nearest beach in Puertito the Guimar and pick you up just before the evening yoga class. Pura Vida!

What is the maximum number of people in your Yoga Retreat?

Usually the maximum number is 3/4 students per retreat. This allows us to give attention to the personal development of each person.

What time are the check in and check out?

The program begins on the first day at 4:00 p.m. and ends on the last day after brunch at 11.30 am.

What if I have some special needs?

Please let us know as soon as possible if you have any special needs regarding food (diabetic, gluten intolerant, lactose, allergies, etc.) or allergy to pets (we have a little dog).

How is the weather?

We enjoy a very mild and warm weather all year round. We are between sea and mountains and the temperature can range between 23-28 degrees. Sometimes the weather can change from one day to another but that is the good thing about the Canaries 🙂 Every day a surprise!