48 Inspirational Cards YOGA FOR THE SOUL


An exclusive deck of 48 illustrated cards, aimed at yoga practitioners, teachers and students, who want to connect holistically
with their practice.
The hand-drawn illustrations radiate calm and beauty, and convey the positive energy that helps concentration in each yoga or meditation session.

This deck is aimed at yoga practitioners of all levels and ages interested in:

Deepening the energetic and emotional meaning of each posture and connecting with their Higher Self

Getting a positive inspiration for personal growth and integral wellbeing every day

Designing daily sequences for personal practice with emotional theme

Learning asanas and their names in Sanskrit and in English


Silvia Costarella is an eternal and humble servant of love. She is a Hatha Yoga teacher trained and certified by the Patanjali International Yoga Foundation in Rishikesh (India). Founder of "Estilo Verde - transforma tu vida" and facilitator of personalised yoga retreats in Tenerife. Yoga opened her the way for spiritual growth, allowing a new consciousness to flourish that led her to develop a deep connection with the divine source.


Virginia Erena is an artist trained in painting and engraving. In 2010 she abandoned her artistic career to dedicate herself to the management of fashion companies. A series of personal experiences in the last years led her to believe in her talent as illustrator and become a certified yoga teacher in 2018.

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With this inspiring deck of 48 cards, Silvia Costarella and Virginia Erena
honour the harmonizing and healing power of Yoga.
Connect with the deep message hidden in each asana and improve your practice by listening to the voice of your soul.

Thank you so much to all the people who supported this project by putting their grain of sand, especially:
Jacqui Deverell for helping with the English translation, Tesa, Amanda Kirschner and Lavinia Mehtani.
Thanks to all our students and friends for believing in us.
A thousand blessings!