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It is a pleasure to share our experience with you. We are Toti and Silvia, two nature lovers and promoters of a healthy and happy lifestyle.



I consider myself an explorer, a life lover and an eternal apprentice at the service of mother earth and self-realization.


In 2009 I graduated in Sociology from the Bicocca University in Milan (Tourism and Sustainable Development of the Local Community). From there I began to travel and discover the world and myself.

I traveled with Toti in England, in Central America, in the United States and throughout Italy, discovering the rural and natural world (Gira & Coltiva). For a while we live in the wonderful Costa Rica with the Finca Feliz rural project, collaborating with many local communities to promote environmental education and sustainability. It was then that we encouraged to create the movement of Love4Globe “Local Action, Global Reaction”.

I am passionate about medicinal plants and spices. In Italy I attended a course in Herbology with Doctor Francesco Mostaccio (traditional galenic preparations) and I studied the world of Natural Cosmetics to be able to prepare naturally and safely the products for the higiene and the personal care.
In India (Dharamsala-HimVeda) I have been trained in Ayurveda deepening some subjects like ayurvedic food, herbs and spices, doshas and healthy habits.
In 2016 I finished a course at the University of Torino of Health Sciences (UNIPSI) in Naturopathy in order to deepen my knowledge in Nutrition . I am passionate about natural, creative and vegetarian cuisine. I enjoy discovering new flavors, new products and fresh, healthy, nutrient-rich foods.

I love the whole world of potential development and personal talent. I participated in some Personal Coaching and Social Skills courses at the Chamber of Commerce of Santa Cruz de Tenerife with Priscila González Serrano (Innov-Arte) and Jaime Chaves (Human Soluciones).

I did jazz and contemporary dance for many years so the enthusiasm for expression and connection with the body is something natural in me. This made that a new consciousness flourishes to develop the passion for Yoga.
I believe infinitely in the extraordinary and harmonizing power of this ancient practice.
Beginning with that feeling of deep breathing to reconnect my body, mind and soul.
I know what it has done in me, I know how much it has helped me to strengthen and harmonize with myself and my environment.
Among other things, this makes me happy and it is what I love to teach, share, learn and enjoy with others. All these experiences opened the way for a great personal growth which led to a change in my professional life that goes according to my values, my personal vision and life purpose. I am a Hatha Yoga Teacher (RYS Yoga Alliance) trained with the Patanjali International Yoga Foundation in Rishikesh (India). In the last years I attended a training course of Yoga Therapy with Jose Antonio Cao, founder of Nexoyoga in Tenerife, in order to get more tools to help students with special needs.

My life revolves in a continuous process of discovery and active learning.

I recognize that much of what I have learned was already inside me. Each person has a talent, a special and unique gift that hopes to be developed and expressed! That is what I want to spread so that people learn to live every day fully in different areas of life.



Toti SalemiI am a music therapist and meditation teacher. My purpose is to offer tools of connection with the infinite love and peace that resides in each heart.

Everything changed when I started traveling and living abroad after finishing my studies at the university.
In Bristol in the UK I worked for a major international marketing and communications agency.
I had a stable and stimulating job with important companies: I fulfilled my dream! But over time I came across many questions that still did not find answers.
I was grateful for the great opportunity, but it was true: my real self told me that there was something more for me.
I left everything and continued traveling with Silvia.
I arrived in Costa Rica and Mother Earth embraced me with its simplicity and true essence, giving me a new connection with my roots and myself. As a child who moved his first steps, I moved in the forest with reverence for majesty, there I lived for two years with Silvia developing our project of ecological farm (Finca Feliz) and a new way of life.

I have been trained in ecological/organic agriculture collaborating and working for many farms in Italy (Gira&Coltiva).

In all my life music has played a fundamental role. From childhood I had the blessing of being surrounded by musicians who infected me with this great passion.
I’ve always played an instrument. Initially I studied drums and percussions but growing I wanted to investigate what is behind the notes: the emotions that transmit us, the power of the vibrations, the benefits that the music gives us. Since then I wanted to make music to offer people a way to find their physical and mental well-being.

My encounter with the Tibetan bowls was therefore quite natural.
I have trained in Sound Healing, Meditation and Sound Massage techniques with Swami Shiva Durga Ananda, at the Devi Music Ashram of Rishikesh in India.
In this way I developed a sensitivity to the use of these powerful instruments, which provoke unique sounds and rich in harmony that are able to lead the body to a state of absolute well-being and peace.
I am an Handpan / Hang Drum player, an instrument born in the last 20 years and considered the instrument of the millennium. The music that gives off the percussion of the Hang Drum is very therapeutic and harmonious and I like to use it for relaxation and meditation sessions.

Considering the importance of finding spaces of inner silence, standing in the present, breathing properly and inquiring in the mind, my experiences have also led me to focus on the practice of meditation.

Meditation means educate the mind to be more assertive and to develop stable understandings that lead us to know ourselves and to love as part of the totality. I feel like an eternal student and it makes me happy to share with others exchanging experiences and visions.

I am a certificated meditation teacher by Ananda International Institute of Meditation and Yoga and among the others, I have attended to the teachings of Ven. Lama Phuntsok Wangdü on the Shiné Meditation (mental calm) and Lhaktong Meditation (deep insight).
In India (Dharamsala – HimVeda) I have obtained a training in Ayurveda in depth on the subject of food, medicinal plants and healthy habits.