Healing Nature – Handpan Music Album

We are glad to present our first music therapy album by Toti Salemi.

8 tracks, an hour of peaceful music. Each composition, a different healing intention.

This album is a tribute to Mother Earth. For his unconditional loving presence, guidance, inspiration and support.
You will enjoy the sounds and the healing power of the elements of nature (earth, water, air, fire)
playing together with a soothing Handpan music.

We introduce the songs:

Dancing with whales

Immerse yourself in the ocean and release your deepest emotions by connecting with a beautiful whales song.

Golden wind

Flying with the wind through yellow golden fields, under the light of a wonderful summer sun.

Happy walk in the forest

A pleasant and happy walk through a forest full of light and cheerful birds.


Cicadas and frogs sing a song for you to relax and prepare for a good restorative sleep. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and let yourself be guided by the melody.

Awaken Love

A magical sunset: crickets start singing, water flows. The sounds of Tibetan and quartz bowls on the background... The handpan offers you all its love, taking you to the center of your heart, where everything is peace and harmony.

Watching the Ocean

Only you and the Ocean... on a deserted beach with the waves dancing on the shore. The mouth harp and the handpan create for you a very special soundtrack.

Life Breath

Find a quiet place and connect with your breath. Inspired by the "Metta meditation" to develop lovingkindness toward ourselves and then, in a sequence of expansion, towards others and life.

Sunflower Vibe

After a brief relaxing introduction with the handpan, you will hear the music of a sunflower watching the sun. Yes, the music of a Sunflower! These sounds were recorded with a device capable of converting the electrical impulses of the plant's nervous system into musical notes. Visualize yourself as this beautiful sunflower: smile at the sky and open your arms and heart to life.

In this album you will find music medicine,
an inspiration for healing and emotional balance

Here you can listen to the whole album for free.

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Thanks for your support! Many blessings