Our Mission

Our mission is to help people get a sustainable lifestyle through direct experience to awaken the innate connection we have with nature and our highest self.

We are dedicated to projects related to personal growth, well-being and sustainable development.
It sad to see so many hopeless people who no longer believe in the power of ideas and changes in favor of a positive natural and social environment. We often hear stories and problems about the continuous exploitation of land and pollution, regardless of future generations and human well-being.

connect with nature
We do not want to continue this way, so we decided to create an alternative that could involve a different perspective: working and living not only for an economic return but to make this world a better place.
We traveled a lot in the last years working in England, living in Costa Rica the Pura Vida, studying Permaculture and learning the self-sufficiency in Italy, traveling in the ashram of India and we want to share everything learned with our work to put our grain of sand in the creation of a new economy and society.

Estilo Verde explains the relationship that wellness has with the type of food, the lifestyle, the emotional state from a more integrative point of view, respecting the unique bio-individuality that characterizes each person. Because we are all unique and unrepeatable.

discover yout potential

Our mission is to help you transform your life by learning new healthy habits such as conscious eating, yoga practice, meditation and positive thinking.

We offer you the information and tools necessary for a new lifestyle to show you how you can become your best version, how you can achieve balance and constant well-being through a process that is conscious, exciting and sustainable over time.

We firmly believe that we have an unlimited capacity for self-transformation within our apparent limits, which are only circumstances for us to work on and evolve as people to live in a dignified and conscious society.