What We Do

We offers workshops, events and retreats related to yoga, meditation, sound healing, vegetarian cooking and natural cosmetics.
We are located in the Canary Islands (Tenerife) and you can join our yoga retreats by coming here 🙂

Our retreats are personalised and include the following modules:


yoga classesBasic and dynamic postures of Hatha Yoga / Hatha Flow, accessible to all levels, perfect also for beginners!
Through creative sequences, designed with the focus on breathing, asanas, visualization and meditation, you will achieve the flexibility, stability, balance, connection and deep relaxation of body and mind.

meditationMeditation teaches us to live with consciousness and transforms ourselves, as well as our perception of the world around us. We will share with you some simple but very effective techniques of meditation and breathing to help you clear your mind and find your inner peace.

sound healingVibrations act as a source of energy for the whole body, loosening and releasing muscle tension and stress. Through the sound of Tibetan and quartz bowls the session takes you on a unique sound journey, a very powerful experience in which the whole body begins to vibrate. With the sound massage locks are released and a deep relaxation and complete harmonization is achieved. We also use the magic sound of the Hang Drum and other small relaxing instruments to accompany our activities.

natural cooking classLearn by doing!
You can elaborate tasty recipes using whole and organic ingredients, making creative dishes of the Mediterranean and Oriental diet.
You will know the basic nutritional values and learn different cooking techniques of food.

Natural Beauty WorkshopMake and personalise your homemade cosmetic products with natural ingredients!
We will share a great variety of formulas to make easily: moisturizers, masks, deodorant, toothpaste, lip balm, lotions,  vegetable oils with flowers, hair gel and much more!

Don’t miss the opportunity to join a yoga and meditation retreat in Tenerife in 2019!
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